NSC Champions Win Awards, Launch Events and Become Prodigies

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The month of March 2013 has featured so many good news stories, that we felt obliged to share them. This post introduces the NSC champions and their stories.

Shemas Eivers: Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

feat-entrepreneur-awards-shemas-eiversShemas Eivers led the champions with The Entrepreneur Hall of Fame®. This award recognises successful Entrepreneurs who have a vision to succeed and a passion to assist others. At the recent Entrepreneur Experience Shemas Eivers, Avnet and Jim Barry, Barry Group were inducted into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame®.

This award recognises the entrepreneurial vision, innovation, courage, and leadership which empowered these entrepreneurs to build and grow successful businesses. It also acknowledges the incredible effort that they have put back into the community and the time they have committed to working with start-ups, often without recognition or reward.


James Whelton (CoderDojo) One of eight teenage prodigies

james-wheltonOur second NSC champion is CoderDojo’s James Whelton. Not a millionaire, but a major global success nonetheless, Cork’s James Whelton was a teenager when he launched the computer coding club that became CoderDojo.

He now works as a full-time social entrepreneur on the CoderDojo project, which is rapidly going global (130 projects at last count). Silicon Valley got its first CoderDojo project in 2012.

Full post: The Sunday Business Post – Teenage techies: 8 notable prodigies


Donagh Kiernan (Tenego) launches DeliberateCEO events

Donagh Kiernan is our third champion with his newly established DeliberateCEO events.

Business development services company Tenego is establishing DeliberateCEO groups around Ireland to bring CEOs of tech companies together to discuss common issues and problems.

The first DeliberateCEO group was held in Dublin last month and applications are being received for one in Cork that will take place on 15 April.

According to the CEO of Tenego, Donagh Kiernan, new groups are planned for Limerick, Galway, Belfast and other locations.

CEOs who attend the mastermind groups typically lead growing tech companies with revenues ranging from €200,000 per annum to €2.5m per annum.

“The idea is to bring the CEOs together to help them help each other,” Kiernan explained. “All would share the same objective of accelerating the growth of their business.”

Full post: Silicon Republic – New Tech CEO Mastermind


etelligence celebrate 10 years at the NSC


And finally, our fourth champion (or champions) are the IT team at etelligence. etelligence are one of the NSC’s long-standing tenants, having reached the 10 year milestone mark this month.

etelligence is an IT company dedicated to the Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SME). Their services include IT infrastructure Disaster recovery, IT security and mobile solutions.

Website: http://www.etelligence.ie


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