Jerry Sweeney Discusses Big Data and New Connectivity #nsclunchnlearn

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Our second Lunch N’ Learn event saw CIX Director – Jerry Sweeney  – discuss the new high-speed internet line which will allow the NSC Campus to offer a solution to the growing need for big data processing and data centres in Cork.

Big data

Big data refers to the capture, curation and storage of complex data sets, which require analysis and processing. Data centres are distributed across the globe, and currently in Ireland they reside in Dublin.

“Currently these Data Centres are only located in Dublin. Today’s development, in conjunction with the Cork Internet Exchange, will allow companies that need to access large quantities of data online for big data processing, to do so here in Cork”, explains Shemas Eivers, Chairman of the Board at the NSC Campus.

Cloud Valley and connectivity

This connection is an important milestone in a major project entitled ‘Cloud Valley’, which is aimed at making Cork City ‘the most connected City in Europe’, as the connection would effectively link Ireland to mainland Europe and the US via dark fibre. The level of connectivity proposed, would enable speeds from 1 GB, which will increase over time. The NSC would adopt a vital role in the initiative by becoming a switching and routing centre, along with CIX, for Cork.

A short video of Jerry in action

Jerry Sweeney believes that once Cloud Valley gathers pace, every industrial park, college campus and large building will be a node on the Cloud Valley WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing). WDM is a technology which multiplexes a number of optical carriers signals onto a single optical fibre by using different wavelengths.

The demand for big data is growing

The growing demand for “Big Data” and “Data Centres” is high and, as business research increases, the requirement for data connectivity becomes increasingly important.  With this new high-speed connection, the NSC will  be able to offer companies the bandwidth to download the levels of Data needed in their research work. Major international employers in Cork such as Apple, EMC and VMWare will no doubt welcome this initiative.

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