Introducing Our Digital Marketing Partners #nsclunchnlearn

by NSC Campus


Our first Lunch N’ Learn event in February, allowed us to introduce the Ahain Group as digital marketing partners for the NSC Campus.
Niall Devitt of the Ahain Group spoke of the future of digital marketing and marketing trends.

Niall Devitt; Chief Strategy Officer at the Ahain Group impressed both tenants and guests with his presentation on the future of digital marketing.

Jerry Sweeney Discusses Big Data and New Connectivity #nsclunchnlearn

by NSC Campus

big data comes to Cork

Our second Lunch N’ Learn event saw CIX Director – Jerry Sweeney – discuss the new high-speed internet line which will allow the NSC Campus to offer a solution to the growing need for big data and data centres in Cork.

This connection is an important milestone in a major project entitled ‘Cloud Valley’, which is aimed at making Cork City ‘the most connected City in Europe’, as the connection would effectively link Ireland to mainland Europe and the US via dark fibre.


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